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Terms & Conditions

1- Price

Total price includes expenses for consumption of gas, electricity and water.

except if otherwise indicated on the  reservation’s ticket

Total price includes final cleaning fee.

except if otherwise indicated on the  reservation’s ticket

 Price of the booking fee as indicated in each accommodation reservation form has to be paid, and money has to be received by our My-Telaviv office. Upon payment good réception, you receive the final confirmation with your booking ticket.


2- Payment

 Your reservation will be confirmed upon reception of a booking fee made directly online. The amount of the booking fee is defined according to the apartment selected, the length of your stay and the number of people. This amount is clearly indicated in the reservation process on our website

 The payment of the booking fee is processed through a secured payment platform and all main credit cards are accepted.

 Bank transfer are also accepted- please contact our office should you select this payment mean. Important note:  bank transfer can be agreed only for bookings made at least 7 days prior to arrival, this guarantees that the payment has properly been made. Any related cost to a bank transfer should be endorsed by the client.

 Your reservation is valid  & confirmed upon the payment reception of the booking fee made online and accepted by our office. A confirmation mail is directly sent including all detailed information for your arrival in Tel-Aviv  . This mail confirms your accommodation booking.

 The remaining balance is due in cash upon your arrival in My-Tel-aviv. You will be greeted by the owner or representative directly at the  accommodation address. Some properties accept credit card payment. Please be aware that additional cost may be required for using this payment mean.  Any other payment mean accepted beside cash  is specified in each booking confirmation. You can refer to your booking confirmation to know what payment mean is accepted upon your arrival.

 3- Security Deposit

 A security deposit of the amount specified in your booking reservation is required for most accommodation. The amount is defined according  to each type of accommodation and guarantees the proper care of the accommodation premises and of the furniture and fittings therein. This amount shall be given in cash. 

 In the event that the accommodation is left in the same condition as it was the day of arrival, the security deposit is refunded to the client.

 My-Telaviv is not responsible to any dispute arising from a security deposit refund.

 The owner or property manager of the accommodation has the right to refuse admittance to clients who do not pay the required security deposit.

 4- Booking Reservation

 My-Telaviv uses all  its available means to offer accurate on-line availability calendars. However, we cannot guarantee that at the moment we will process your booking request, the accommodation  will still be valid. Our Company reserves the right to reject your booking demand and propose alternative solutions, without being responsible of any of the conséquences.

 The confirmation of the booking is conditioned by the acceptance of the payment of the service by credit card o whatever accepted other means of payment.

 5- Cancellation by Client

 In the event that you cancel the aforesaid booking reservation –in whole or in part, My-Telaviv  shall apply the penalties detailed hereunder

• Cancellation less than 15 (fifteen) days prior to  arrival date
50 % (fifty percent) of the total amount due.

• Cancellation less than 24h (twenty four hours) prior to arrival date or « no-show »
100% (hundred percent) of the total amount due

The booking fee paid for the reservation of the accommodation cannot be reimbursed nor can it be transferred . This included “force majeure”  circumstances.

 In the event that the client changes the dates, it will be understood as a new stay and it will be subject to the cancellation conditions.

 Booking reservations cannot be  transferred from one accommodation to another.

 6- Cancellation by My-Telaviv

 In the event that My-Telaviv should be unable to provide the property client has booked, we reserve the right to transfer client to a property of similar characteristics.

 If no agreement can be reached both parties are authorized to cancel the contract. In this event My-Telaviv  will refund the prepayment (except the part corresponding to the days that the apartment was used, if this is the case). My-Telaviv  will not be liable for further claims by the guest nor for any damages, losses, lost profits, direct or indirect costs, arising from such cancellation

 7- Booking change upon Client demand

 The following changes can be made up to 2 days prior to arrival:

• Number of guests according to the accommodation capacity.

 • Addition of nights according to the accommodation availability calendar.

The first amendment of your booking réservation is free. Any additional change will be charged  30€ for administrative fee.

 All cancellations or changes must be communicated by mail. No request made by phone will be accepted.

 It is strongly recommended to our clients to get an insurance including a travel cancellation coverage.

(NB : some credit cards do offer a trip cancellation coverage. Please refer directly to your bank)

 8- Arrival/Departure

 The accommodations are usually available for check-in from 15.00 pm. When ever possible and upon request, we can arrange for the accommodation to be available earlier. It is therefore important to know your arrival time as well as any change that might occur prior to your arrival.

 Please note that all arrivals later than 20.00 pm are submitted to an extra-charge of 50€ and 70 € for arrivals after 23.00 pm.

 You can also leave your luggage in our office at no extra cost during our office hours.

 9- Use of Accommodation

 The accommodation shall be used for individuals and business travellers as a holiday rental, the Accommodation should never be used for commercial activities without prior written acceptance of our company  who mediates on behalf the property owner. Therefore, client declares that he/she is leasing the Accommodation for the purpose of spending his/her holidays, under no circumstances shall the Accommodation leased under the terms of the contract hereof be used on a habitual residential basis.

 10- Cleaning

 The accommodation is cleaned prior to each client arrival. Bed linens and towels are provided for each guest occupant. When leaving, guests are required to leave the apartment in reasonable condition and take out the garbage. If this is not the case, the owner is entitled to ask for a compensation fee.

 11- Number of Guests

 The client shall inform My-Telaviv of the number of guests who will occupy the accommodation booked. Unless otherwise agreed by My-Telaviv  , only the number of persons indicated by the client when booking shall be authorized to stay in the accommodation. In the instance that the number of guests varies within one stay, the booking shall be made for the maximum number of guests who will occupy the accommodation.

 The number of guests who may stay in the accommodation shall not exceed the capacity authorized, except for children under three years old. Pets are only allowed when permission has specifically been granted.

 In the event of any infringement of the above mentioned obligations, My-Telaviv  or the property owner are entitled to request the client to leave the accommodation. The client shall have no right to claim any type of compensation.

 12- Condition and Maintenance of the Accommodation

 Client shall keep and maintain the premises in good condition throughout rented period , and freely agrees to pay to the Owner present market prices in case of any damage or loss to said Accommodation, caused either by client or by any other guests living in the rented accommodation.

 13- Behavior

 The client booking the accommodation is liable for the correct and decent behavior of all the persons accompanying him/her. Should that person, or any of the person accompanying him/her not behave in a suitable and responsible way, My-Telaviv and/or the Owner shall be entitled to request the client and the persons accompanying him/her to leave the apartment without the right for the later to claim any type of compensation.

 Please respect your neighbors: Most of our apartments are located in private and residential buildings. Neighbours are normal working people who need to get up early and go to work every day. Therefore, please limit your noise level in the stairwells as well as in the apartment. ANY EXCESSIVE NOISE, LOUD MUSIC AND PARTIES ARE STRICTLY FORBIDDEN !

 In case of complaints from the neighbors due to excessive noise or an annoying behavior from your side (or any people of the group), the owner has the right to expel from the apartment the client and all guests whether it is day time or night time,without any refund of the amount already paid for the reservation, and the security deposit will be kept by the owner. By booking with My-Telaviv- , the client shall agree with these terms & conditions. In addtion, any police fine should be at charge of the guest.


 14- Ecology, energy savings

Help saving energy: Please make sure that no abuse is being made that all lights are turned off when you leave the accommodation as well as the air-conditioning and heating put at minimum or switched off whenever possible.

Also, take out your garbage and sort glass, board and paper whenever possible

15- Liabilities

My-Telaviv  nor the owner of the apartment shall be liable for any direct or indirect damages that may arise as a consequence of the use by the guest of the apartment, including without limitation, damages, insurance, losses because of fires, robbery or criminal behavior.

My-Telaviv  mediates in the name of the owner or property manager, any complain should be directed directly to the owner or manager of the accommodation during the guest stay.

16- My-Telaviv  Website

While we do the best to maintain the accuracy of the information contained on its website, we cannot be held liable for any errors or omissions that may arise or be responsible or liable for any negligence in relation to information on or accessible from this website. My-Telaviv also reserves the right to change information published on the site at any time including rates, descriptions and pictures.

 17- Dispute

All disputes between My-Telaviv  and the renter arising out of above terms and conditions shall be settled by arbitration of the tribunal of Tel-Aviv (ISRAEL).

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