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Do you visit each property offered on your website?
We visit and select each property offered on our websiteon short term rental in Tel Aviv . We take pictures and write the review. We do our best to give you a clear idea so you that you can make the right choice with confidence. Our advanced search engine (area in Tel Aviv , equipment, price, bedrooms…) and a quality ranking (ranging from 1* - basic to 4**** - luxury) is available to help you make your property selection.
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Where can I find the exact address?
The exact address of your apartment in Tel Aviv is indicated in your booking ticket. A detailed map of Tel Aviv is included to access easily the apartment.
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Are towels and bed linen provided?
Yes, towels and bed linen are provided for all the guests.
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Is it possible to request a baby cot?
Yes, you can request a baby cot for most of the accommodations. Simply click the option in the booking form. The service is often free of charge (see the accommodation equipment details).
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Do you provide information on the area?
Each apartment has a location map. A photographic presentation of the area and explaination is also provided on the website.
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Can I bring my pet?
Some owners allow to bring a pet in the apartment. Contact us to know if the selected accommodation allow pets.
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Can I smoke in the apartment?
Please refer to the equipment section of each apartment to check if smoking is allowed. Smoking on balconies or terrace is always permited.
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