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How do I go to the apartment?
The meeting is at the apartment. The exact address and a detailed map are included in your stay ticket.
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Where can I find the exact address?
The exact address is indicated in your booking ticket. A detailed map is included to find easily the property upon arrival in Tel-Aviv.
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Where do I pick up the keys?
The meeting is at the apartment. The owner or person in charge will receive you at the accorded meeting time. Please remember to inform us of your arrival time and to keep us up to date if there is any changes.
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What payment are accepted for the remaining amount?
The remaining amount has to be paid in cash upon arrival, unless it is clearly stated CREDIT CARD ACCEPTED on your booking ticket. Extra charge might apply for payment by credit card (usually between 3% to 4%). If you need an invoice/receipt for the remaining amount to be paid upon arrival, please indicate this information during the booking process (or contact us prior to arrival). We'll inform the owner so he gives it to you at the check in.
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Do I have to confirm my arrival time?
Yes, you have to introduce your arrival time when you make your booking :landing time & airport. If you don´t know your time of your arrival when making the booking, please send us the information by email no later than 3 days prior to arrival. We'll arrange your meeting time at the apartment.
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